Match or you are a member of that dating service, watch out for Cutebabejune! Don't fall pray to this scam artist! Look at the pictures all around you and if anyone, anyone out there recongize this girl in the pictures, contact me at benjamin.christian01@gmail.com or dale.stivers@gmail.com. And tell me who she is and were did you see her or knows where she lives. And if the REAL June is reading this website right now, June or who ever your name is, I make the challenge to you NOW! Call me June, call me, my cell phone no. is 1-713-838-6373. If you have enough guts or curiosity about this whole thing, call me, I DARE YOU TO! Every email between us is printed out from the friendly hello messages at the start to the shocking wedding annoucment to Jennifer and the $2,500 is honeymoon spent. Please take a good look at all of the pictures and if someone out there tell me who she is or June call me, call me, I fell in love with you! Please don't leave me hanging! One last note that I want to make to June or who ever your REAL name is. I don't know if you fell victim to a scam artist using your identity. Or if your really a professionally scam artist yourself. But this I can tell you, if you are really an innocent person that got used without you knowing about it, there is a person who deeply fell in love with you. He wants you to come to Houston, Texas to meet him and see all the printed out emails. The only to see the email and know that you are the real person is to show up in Houston, Texas and personally meet with Dale Stivers or now called Benjamin Christian. June I would like to have your hand in marriage. And if it was really you on the other side of the keyboard on May 27th, Jennifer and I never really did get married! It was a scam story and the 2,500 dollars was a scam lie also. All to flush out a 4-1-9 Nigeria scam person using your identity! Who ever you are, please come to Houston and see me, get to know me and see if I'm Mr. Right for you.

Dale Stivers webmaster and website designer.

JUNE I did love you, but some else has taken your spot in my life.

P.S. June, since I made this website solely for you and telling my deep feelings for you. If you are still single and not engaged or dating someone.
I want your hand in marriage! I fell in love with the woman in the pictures and that is the woman that I would want to marry and be my wife for the rest of my life! Who ever you are, please contact me and tell me who you are and if I can win your love. I solely leave it up to you.


Is this woman June Jones?

Who is this lady, the one on the top? Does any body at there know who this lady or woman is? My name is Dale Stivers, I'm the Web Master and Designer of this webpage. I also go by the name Benjamin Christian. This is a website that I design to warn other dating people of the dangers of Internet dating scams. Because I fell victim to it. This is my story of how I met on girl on an Internet dating service and how I learn through my mistake that this was a scam from the very beginning! I want people to learn from my mistake that I got used into believing that this was a real person. Of which it was not a real person, but a very clever con artist in Africa
trying to get money out of me! Here is my story,I'm a Seventh-day Adventist and I went to a Seventh-day Adventist christian Internet dating service called, Adventist Match. They are run by Faith Matchmakers in McKinney, Texas. I've been a Adventist all of my life. I'm single, never been married and I wanted to settle down with an Adventist attractive woman and start a family with her. I live in Houston, Texas. I attend the West Houston SDA chruch and I came across the Internet website of Adventist Match. I join and made my profile. I started seeking a female, Adventist females who were looking for marriage or settling down and getting married. This one particular girl naming herself cutegurl0102babe caught my attention. You guess it, it's the girl picture on the top. On April 21, 2010 I sent her a reply message and on April 23rd she replied back. And from there we start emailing back and forth to each other. But before I go any futher I would like to point out that her identity was stolen! Or she is one good con woman! But I believe that her
her identity was stolen, but I could be wrong. Why do I say that? I went to Adventist Match looking for love, marriage and commitment from an Adventist woman. But what I got was a scam artist trying to get money out of me! Again I do not know if it was a man or a woman on the other side of the keyboard that I was talking to. This website is a warning to anyone using Adventist Match to stay away from cutegurl0102babe, now using cutejunebabe or cutebabejune in seeking serious relationships. In her profile she claim that she was a nurse or that she was in nursing. In her email to me she said that she was over seas in Nigeria, Africa working for UNICEF. Don't believe it, don't believe it!!!! That her job at UNICEF was a researcher and that she was over there for a few weeks mission assignment. But her main study or work was a Gemologist. That she collected rare stones or rocks and resells them while doing duity at UNICEF. Does this sound a little strange to you? She claims that how she makes a living. But in her profile at Adventist Match she said she was in nursing? We email back and forth for a few weeks and started to fall in love. I thought that she was an answer prayer from the Lord that I was praying about in asking for a wife. But I was sure wrong. This was a con artist man or women looking for
vulnerable lonely men looking for love. Most likely this was a Nigerian 4-1-9 scam artist at work on the other side of the keyboard. At first she wanted me to sent her $600 dollars for to pay the shipment of rocks or stones back to the Untied States by FedEx. From Nigeria? FedEx does not fly out to Nigeria! Next she told me that the hotel that she was staying at in Nigeria, she owed them lots of money and her "promo ticket" over there had expired. And she could not use it to get back home to America. And she was stranded over there and had no way of getting back unless someone could financially bail her out. That UNICEF had left her high and dry and could not help her at all! My apologies to Hollywood actress, Jennifer Anistion for using her name and picture to end this 4-1-9 scam scene that was going on. Please forgive me Jennifer. I came up with a test story that I email her saying that I just got a cashier's check for $2,500. This person fell for it and told me to send two Western Union or two Money Grams. One to her and the other one to a person I never heard before. Saying that it was the ticket counter agent of her flight back home to America. Out of the fake $2,500 she wanted $2,000 of it. That would pay for everything. I told this con person that Jennifer had a awful big crush on me and that she wanted to marry me (sorry Jennifer) and we did get married and I gave Jennifer the $2,500 to spend on our honeymoon trip to Hawaii (again sorry Jennifer). The question arises, why use Jennifer? Jennifer and I have something both in common, we're both professional actors
The only difference between us is that she is S.A.G. certified and I'm not! That was on May 27th that I told this person the news about me and Jennifer tying the knot together and the $2,500 was spent. This person, who ever she is goes by June Jones. Her email address is junemn01029 at hotmail or aol dot com. But again I don't know if the REAL June was on the other side of the keyboard answering me back. At spokeo.com shows that June lives in Canada, not Des Monies, Iowa that her profile says that she lives. Some important information that I want to share with everyone. After contacting UNICEF main headquarters in New York by phone, here is information that you might not know about! No average person like a Doctor or a Nurse can't walk in UNICEF and apply for a job. NO!, all UNICEF workers are U.N. workers or people who are with the U.N! Second, U.N. UNICEF workers do not stay in hotels while helping out in thrid world counties like Nigeria. Third, U.N. workers for UNCIEF doesn't use computers or a PC to chat back and forth to the world when working on an assignment in a thrid world country! This person named June, she doesn't know who I am or that a person out there, (me) has fallen deeply in love with her and wants to marry her if she is not married yet! If you are using Adventist
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